From one Camp Parent to another...

Dear Parents,

From one Camp Parent to another...welcome to the family.

Summer Camp.

Two little words that can strike you with joy and fear at the same time. Whether it was your child's idea to go to camp or your own idea (while making them think it was their idea), you are about to experience an emotional rollercoaster.

The fear part is usually belongs to us:
Will my kid have fun and make new friends? Will he eat more than just a bag of Skittles every day?! Will he be cared for and stay safe without me? Will he learn new things? WILL HE BRUSH HIS TEETH, REMEMBER TO SHOWER, AND CHANGE HIS UNDERWEAR (Please, just once in the week)?!?
Let me fill you in on the answers that I've learned to these questions...
It's hard not to. Actually, nearly impossible.Possibly.Definitely.Yes, although not always as you would expect.Um...Probably not...Well, maybe once on the last day when you come to pick him up. I'd recommend keeping the windows open on your drive home.
The joy part can …

Galactic Success!

May has begun and we've already had a very full couple of weeks! On May 1st, we started our Spring Staff Training. As you read on our Reaching Higher Blog last Friday, Redberry Bible Camp joined us on-site for the week. It was great to connect with our sister camp in Saskatchewan as we both prepare our staff for our Guest Groups and the coming Summer Season.

Staff Training is not for the faint of heart. From 8am to 9pm - our staff are learning how to facilitate our Outdoor Education program for the coming Guest Groups, how to be amazing hosts, and to shine the light of Jesus Christ to everyone that comes on-site. Then they worked through Safe Place, Staff Conduct, and Crisis Management. There may have been some paintballing mid-week just to decompress a bit.

If THAT wasn't busy enough - we had our Spring Fundraiser: Evergreen Night Out on Saturday, May 6th. We just love to have fun and what better way to celebrate what is going on at camp and raise some funds for our programs…

Hotcakes for Campers

Our Spring Season has officially begun (along with snow) and with that came our entire Spring Staff Team who is busy learning the ropes and what it means to serve our Guest Groups here at Evergreen this May and June. Twenty-nine in all are being trained this week and along with it - Redberry Bible Camp from north of Saskatoon, SK, is joining us on-site for their Spring Training week. We're excited to learn and partner in ministry with our sister camp.

If you have visited our Events Page on our website recently you will notice something right away. There's a lot going on with Evergreen in the next two months. One type of event that is now a tradition is our Hotcakes for Campers Breakfasts. This year we're even running one more in Calgary.
What is Campership Aid? Campership Aid is our financial assistance programs for families so they can afford their son or daughter's camp fees. We're anticipating needing $22,000 for our Campership Aid Program this year. We are hop…


Something that is getting to be a tradition for us at Camp Evergreen is our annual trip to Vancouver Island that we do with German Volunteers. Something different for this year...we added a Kiwi! No, not the fruit...Emily, our staff from New Zealand.

This trip is a way that we can say thank you for volunteering for the year. It was a bit of a whirlwind trip as we left the day before Good Friday and returned late, late the day after Easter Monday. It is always very fun to show these young Internationals the beauty of Western Canada. It's also a good reminder to me not to become blind to what makes our piece of Creation so unique and special.

From the subtle, yet significant, differences in the mountain ranges to the stark differences in landscape on the Island. Giant trees and trees that grow out of dead stumps to everything green that grows on, well, everything in coastal BC.

After a full day of driving, our first stop is Vancouver. Granville Island and Stanley Park take up most …

A Fundraiser from another Galaxy!

Happy Easter Week Friends!

It's hard to believe that as I type this April is already a third gone and our Spring Staff arrive in less than three weeks. Wowzers! I can barely believe that.

We've got a lot of events coming up in the next two and a half months. We just wanted to alert you to them so that you can mark your calendar and get registered for the events.
Spring Fundraiser The first event that is coming is our Spring Fundraiser. This annual event is not one to miss. It's out of this world (this year especially because it's a Star Wars theme!). We really like to have fun with our fundraisers - I mean, we're camp people, right? And what would camp be without a little dressing up and laughing over an amazing meal cooked by Ken? One of the questions that I have been getting is whether or not you HAVE to dress up...Dressing up is not required! But we will certainly welcome any Jedis, Padawans, and Vaders that might saunter through the doors that night.

Tickets for …

Where's your Salmon Slap Friend?

It is our largest retreat of the year. One hundred ladies from across central Alberta come to spend a weekend worshiping, learning, and experiencing camp together. Flowers, crafts, coffee (SO MUCH COFFEE...69 pots over the weekend...that we know of) - the weekend is seriously one to remember.

I always love seeing the ladies "come out of their shell" through the weekend. I'm a firm believer that there is a Camp Kid inside of all of us. Your Camp Kid is something like that Inner Child that people refer to but more so. Your Camp Kid is a game-playing, chubby-bunny stuffing, rubber-boot-throwing kid that wakes up and wonders what they've been missing all this time. I LOVE seeing adults come to camp expecting a "retreat" and coming alive with the very thing that makes camp so special. What is that thing that makes camp so special? Of course it's Jesus but it's also the gift that God has given us in the form of camp: life. I think we experience life at ca…

Daughter Day

Spring is all about new things. How fitting a time then for us to start a new thing. This May 28th, join us in our very first Daughter Day. A day dedicated to the ones in our lives that are surgar and spice and everything nice, who are fierce and strong and not often wrong.

This new day is embedded in a whole bunch of exciting events at Evergreen. Take a look at what's coming up here onsite:
We start with Ladies Retreat which kicks off in only 10 days. We're completely full again for the second year in a row!Our Spring Fundraiser is on May 6th and it's a Star Wars theme! We're so excited about this fun, light-hearted evening whose purpose is to support the work at Evergreen. We will be serving an amazing meal, offering live and silent Auction items and evening entertainment from Gery Schubert.Daughter Day is on May 28th! It will start with a chapel, picnic lunch, activities, and finish off with a special dinner. Head to our website to check out the details. Registrati…