Ignite 2 - Bracelets that Bind us Together

The title to this week's camp blog really is inspired by the thousands of yards (quite literally) of embroidery thread that our campers have gone through this week. Sometimes I think we likely keep the thread business going with how much we (and every camp) must go through in two months.

The title doesn't just have to do with the bracelets that are made but something Dan talked about last night at campfire. He talked about our circles of friends who who we need to surround ourselves as we go home from camp. How we need to have friends around us that are holding us, centered in Jesus - helping us stand firm in the faith. We also talked about sin and the how God forgives us and how we can say yes to following Him.

There was ice cream/brownie socials, night games, Pro Skills, Jug 'n' Jog, and more amazing superhero costumes than you can shake a stick at. It was SO much fun!

Here are some of the testimonies from Campfire last night:

I don't have to be perfect for God t…

Little but Mighty

This week may have been a short week for us but our Sparks might be the biggest gift. We love our littlest campers as they play the hardest, sing the loudest, and star jump the most enthusiastically. They are such amazing gifts from God and we sure do love everything about them...from their alligator house coats and princess PJs and more.

Some of the funnier things you would have seen or heard this week would have been along the lines of how this was the best week of their life (when they received TWO pieces of tuck) or how they are able to ANYTHING (after riding a horse). These campers know the magic of living in the moment and enjoying everything (right down to the sticks they collect all week long).

Rather than sharing a bunch of testimonies - I just want to share this short story about something a camper shared with one of our staff.

A camper asked about how God makes day and night and so I explained that it's really cool how God made the world to spin and where He placed the…

We Are Explorers!

What an awesome week! Explorers are our new adventurers of the summer. They're so much fun to play games with - ultra enthusiastic and willing to try new things at every corner. They LOVE Willsonball (the moment a meal is done, there is atleast two cabins in the Willson Pit playing) and getting out on the activities.

Mike and Joy share a lot of fun stories with us and if Testimony Sticks on Thursday was any evidence - these Explorers are going home with so much knowledge! They shared stories about a man named Saul, who did bad things but then turned to God, was forgiven, and then helped write part of the Bible and bring many more people to Jesus. They learned that God shines brighter than anything else in the world, that He created the universe, and that we, too, can be a light that shines for Jesus.

Here are some of the other things our campers learned about God this week:
I learned to shine light for God.I learned that God loves everyone and that we can be children of the light.I…

Trail Blazers 2 is in the wind!

As I write this, we have checked our half way point. Our fourth camp is finishing up and we only have four to go. It's always amazing to us here how it seems like summer camp will never arrive for 10 months of the year and then all of a sudden we're halfway done and we don't know where the time has gone.

We had our second of our largest weeks of the summer with Charge 2, Roughin' It Girls 2, Trail Blazers 2, Pit Crew 2, and Internships all being full. 163 campers in total were here! That's crazy!!

The week blew in with a start - quite literally actually. We had a really big wind storm on Sunday evening which caused us to pull our two out-trips in just to be careful. They were chopping at the bit to get back out to the bush next morning doing their out-trip thing. Those Out-trip kids are just not made for civilization. :)

We played Jug 'n' Jog, Ketchup to the Flag, Captain Sonar, Collector's Choice...sometimes I wonder how we fit everything in.

Our Spea…

Make Room for Ignite 1

It's been an amazing week!

Yes, yes - we say that every week but seriously - it's been a super week. And this week we had to enlarge our Fort Firering again. Isn't that awesome? Read about this really unique challenge we have here on our Reaching Higher Blog. Weather has been just perfect. No rain, not too smokey, and warm enough for our Creek Party and Field BBQ.

Could you ask for anything more? Well - there was also horseback riding, ziplining, climbing, paintball, artsy awesomeness, and wide games galore! Jug 'n' Jog, Ketchup to the Flag, Human Sized Clue, Pandemic just to name a few. We had one last chance this morning to go on some wagon rides, play on the Balance Beam, Leap of Faith, and Climbing Wall.

Brennan, our speaker for the week, from Dalhousie Church in Calgary shared stories from his own life and also about Moses throughout the week.

Testimonies from this week were especially cool. Here are something of the things that were shared in the cabins:

Amazing Trail Blazers!

What a week! It was such an amazing week with our Trail Blazer 1 campers, Roughin' It Girls 1, Charge 1, Pit Crew 1, and Interns. The weather was  pretty wet in the beginning but that made it's own fun. By Wednesday, the sun was out and we were playing Jug 'n' Jog, Captain Sonar, and all the fun outdoor games we could get our hands on.

Chapel this week was amazing. These kids were crazy good singers. One of the things that gave me shivers was the unexpected singing of Oh Canada during our last lunch, started by Crestwood. That rendition was good enough to be on any Stampede Grandstand show. I definitely got the shivers. 

J Janzen, from Abbotsford, BC, was our speaker during the week and shared a lot of stories from his childhood and from the Bible. He taught us that we are created with super powers, that we have the power to serve, and that Jesus is the ultimate superhero and we can join his team by saying yes.

Campers had a ton of amazing things to say during our ca…

Week 1 is in the Books!

There you have it! Our first week of summer camp is in the books! We've been waiting forty-four weeks for this moment! All the planning, hiring, colouring, designing, training, and dreaming has been for these next 8 weeks.

What better way than to start with one of our brand new camps: Jr. Explorers.

I like to call these campers our Little by Mighty campers. They often come in shy and timid of the strange camp environment but so many gain courage and energy (is that even possible?) throughout the week. They're enthusiastic about the food, the games, the activities, and sometimes they're even enthusiastic about napping.

These campers played a tonne of Willsonball, Jug 'n' Jog, a life-sized game of Clue, Ketchup to the Flag, and more! Most of these games were filled with Superhero costumes and ridiculously.

This week - our Speakers: Chip and Roundup taught us about how Jesus is a Superhero and that sin makes God sad. We learned that Jesus came and not only saved the d…