Daughter Day

Spring is all about new things. How fitting a time then for us to start a new thing. This May 28th, join us in our very first Daughter Day. A day dedicated to the ones in our lives that are surgar and spice and everything nice, who are fierce and strong and not often wrong.

This new day is embedded in a whole bunch of exciting events at Evergreen. Take a look at what's coming up here onsite:
We start with Ladies Retreat which kicks off in only 10 days. We're completely full again for the second year in a row!Our Spring Fundraiser is on May 6th and it's a Star Wars theme! We're so excited about this fun, light-hearted evening whose purpose is to support the work at Evergreen. We will be serving an amazing meal, offering live and silent Auction items and evening entertainment from Gery Schubert.Daughter Day is on May 28th! It will start with a chapel, picnic lunch, activities, and finish off with a special dinner. Head to our website to check out the details. Registrati…

The Heart of a Volunteer

It is likely not a surprise to too many people that Camp relies on volunteers. It's true, we do have paid positions, however, so much of the work that we are able to accomplish each season is through our countless volunteers.

Our volunteers come from all over and serve in many different ways. We generally have four types of volunteers that join us in our ministry work.

The Marathoners - These are the volunteers who are typically retired and are able to give anywhere from four weeks to five months of time to camp. We have one retired couple coming to join us next month (Helmut and Doris) whose son was the Head Wrangler back in the 1990s. They will pull their RV in next month and stay with us nearly to the end of the summer. In addition to being our staff's adoptive grandparents for the next five months, Helmut will help with the grass cutting, maintenance, and feeding chores. Doris will help with our laundry, flowers, and a bit of assistance in the kitchen.

The Up-and-comers - …

February 2017 and new things to come...

Happy March everyone! This month has started with a bang as we hit 700 campers a few days ago. That's very close to 75% full in our camps. Every day that numbers grows and I get more and more excited about what is to come.

We're selecting our Spring Staff right now and wowzers it's going to be an amazing season!

Just a couple weeks ago - we hosted our Jr. High Retreat, Rise 'n' Shine. It was an amazing time of fellowship, worship, and learning with six youth groups from across central Alberta.

We played submarines at night, Jug 'n' Jog in the snow and all around just has a good time learning about God and our response to him.

This next year will reflect some big changes for our retreats. We're really excited to share these things with you. This Fall - we will be introducing a new kind of youth retreat here at Evergreen. It will be a giant Jr/Sr. High combined retreat that will feature workshops, main session speakers, and bigger programming. Information…

The 600 Club

This last weekend we hit 600 registered campers. How fantastic is that?! We're pretty pumped. It's over halfway, it's nearly 2/3rds full and registrations keep coming in.

As we continue to prepare for summer (submarine construction is still going on) - there's a lot to do and a lot to be thankful for. 615 campers is a really good place to start being thankful. Our staff is another consistent thing that I thank God for. These crazy, fun-loving young adults who are easily motivated to build a submarine for a wide game, dream of fun themes for summer camp, and work tirelessly to find chapel music that will teach kids about God.

You might be thinking..." literally JUST wrote a blog about staff...". That's true - but here's the thing - I don't think I will ever get sick of talking about the staff here. I'm blown away by them each day. We just had a meeting with our winter staff about how to make our guest's experience here like nothin…

Lessons from the Barn

There are a few things that can be heard at the barn on any given day. These include calling the horses in, Prince meowing at you becuase he wants his food, or Puzzles, the donkey braying at you because you clearly forgot to give him the rest of the hay bale. Something else you can often hear at the barn is something that sounds like this...”No, you’re okay. It’s just a tarp, it won’t eat you, I promise. You can walk past it, it’s okay.”

If you’ve ever worked with horses before, you very quickly realized that they can be scared of the strangest things. From a squirrel jumping in the trees, to a tarp blowing in the wind, the yoga ball in the catch pen, and even their own shadow following them. While we see all of those things and know that they are not scary, when a horse sees them they think that they are a scary monster that will jump out and eat them. It takes a lot of encouragement and patience from the rider for the…

The Evergreen Family

I'm writing this to you from the west coast where Ranger, Beaver, and myself have traveled to Abbotsford to connect with our staff at Columbia Bible College and to see if there might be some new students that may be interested in coming to camp to work for the spring and summer.

It's always so much fun to watch these young people grow as adults and in their relationship with God. To watch them dig deeper into what it means to be a Christian in a world that is rapidly changing. Each of these staff members mean so much to us at camp - whether they

started attending when they were five years old, worked one summer or seven (right Sho and Sarah?), each one, in their own way, becomes one of my kids.

From attending weddings, graduations, to farewells at the airport as they leave on full-time missions - we love having them be part of our Evergreen family. I always enjoy meeting one of our alumnus and listening to their own personal story of transformation while at camp. Just this la…

I'm building a submarine today, how about you?

"After dishes I'm building the submarine. What are you scheduled on today?"
I think there's a lot of things that make camp a unique place. One of them might be the funny things that you hear on a day to day basis.

Oh, camp. 
Where would we be without you?

I've been at a number of different Bible Colleges over the last week and head out to Abbotsford to spend some time at Columbia Bible College next week. We're looking for students who are willing to do something lifechanging with their summer.

When I was at Prairie Bible Institute last week, one of the Professors allowed the camp directors into his Youth Ministry class to share some stories about life transformation at camp. It's always very exciting this to sit around and share how God is moving, not only at Evergreen, but at camps from Vancouver Island to Manitoba. Thousands upon thousands of kids are hearing the Gospel and turning towards Jesus. There are studies (Hemorrhaging Faith, 2011) that show …